From the HBD Archive
From: Len Reed <>
Subject: Electric Drill Pumps
Date: 1990-01-18 14:42:37 GMT

Several posters have suggested recirculating ice water through a wort
chiller using a pump driven by an electric drill. I tried this some time
ago: a < $5 pump, a Sears 1/2" drill, and some hoses and tubing.

It took ten minutes to get down to the temperature I wanted. By the end
of that time I was nearly deaf. Typically you use a hand drill in short
bursts, so you're not aware of how loud it is. Running continuously
for over a minute it is LOUD. The second time I tried it I put in earplugs
and still found the drill anoyingly loud.

Before you buy hoses, fittings, and a pump, and rig the whole business up,
sit in a room with your drill for a few minutes. Most unpleasant.

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