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Subject: he all-malt vs. finings
Date: 1989-01-17 16:12:08 GMT

HOMEBREW Digest #51 Mon 16 January 1989

From: rdg@hpfcmi
Subject: Fish bladders, seaweed, etc
Full-Name: Rob Gardner

The process called fining is a good one to experiment with, but I
think you'll find that you can make very clear beers without it.
In all seriousness though, I would consider
any fining agent to violate the "all-malt" creed, and its use is only
to correct faults, and not to be put into your all-malt homebrew.

I agree with Rob's posting and am surprised to see finings mentioned here.
I thought that all malt meant just that (and implied the Reinheitsgebot (sp?)
purity). How much of the gelatin (or other finings) stay in the brew even
after it percipitates all the yeast? How do the big boys over in Germany
or even the microbrewers here in USA do it? I'd think you'd want to keep
that stuff out of your brew.

On another note, root beers. I have made a couple of batches of root beer
soda (non-alcoholic) using the root beer extracts that you buy (Hire's and
some McCormick's) and using their directions on the packages. The first
batch came out fine, but a bit to much yeast flavor for me and also too
sweet. The next batch was made with less yeast and less sugar which
resulted in a better flavor. However, others who tried it said there was
no yeast taste at all. I bottled into Grolsch bottles and lost one or two
bottles each time - a leak around the rubber stopper or, once, a bottle
cracked. These bottle failures were probably due to the sterilization
technique - place the bottles in a large pot filled with water and boil
them. Next time I'll try the methods spoken of here: clean scrubbing
and then washing in a dilute bleach solution followed by a clean water
rinse and bottling.


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