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From: chuck%bose@uunet.UU.NET (Chuck Cox)
Subject: Anchor yeast
Date: 1990-01-22 20:44:57 GMT

Howdy -

I will be a 'guest' brewer at the Anchor Brewing Co. in early February
and I am planning on taking my portable yeast lab along.

I am hoping to get samples of their yeast(s) while visiting,
and was wondering if anyone had any experience acquiring and/or
culturing their yeast, or any knowledge of the source of their yeast.
I would also like to know if they use more than one variety of yeast.

BTW: Homebrewers in the boston area: I have clean & vigorous isolated
cultures of Sierra Nevada Ale yeast (dependable all-around workhorse) and
Anheuser-Busch Lager yeast (aggressive & quick fermenter) which I can
share at Wort Processor meetings if you ask me ahead of time.

- Chuck Cox - america's fastest beer judge -

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