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Subject: re: yeast storage and SNPA yeast
Date: 1990-01-23 18:55:23 GMT

Chris Shenton asked about storing yeast slurry in the fridge. I've done
this in the past and know others who have done it in the past. I've heard
that one shouldn't do it over twice with the same yeast batch. I stored
the Wyeast Irish yeast for about two weeks recently. When I got ready to
pitch it into the starter, it stank heavily of autolyzation. Fortunately,
after dilution in the starter, the stink reduced, and I could only faintly
smell it in the raw brew when transferring out of the primary fermenter.
The finished beer doesn't seem to have the smell.

I use 1-2 qts of starter, and pour only the liquid out of the storage bottle,
leaving the sludge behind. As a starter, I use 1/4 lb of light dry extract
boiled in one qt water for 20 minutes, beginning with sufficient liquid to
obtain the 1-2 qts of starter wort. I've prepared the starter with and
without hops. It doesn't seem to make a difference.

A question regarding Sierra Nevada yeast. I recently tried to make a starter
by pitching the last 1/2" of beer from a SNPA bottle into a starter wort.
After two days of sitting on top of the fridge (my usual starter place), the
wort was looking at me like it thought I was crazy--no fermentation at all.
Does this even work, or was I wasting my time with pasteurized beer?



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