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From: DAVE RESCH MAILSTOP:CXN1/5 DTN:523-2780 <>
Subject: RE: Homebrew Digest #343
Date: 1990-01-24 14:44:43 GMT

In digest number 343, Florian writes:

>A question regarding Sierra Nevada yeast. I recently tried to make a starter
>by pitching the last 1/2" of beer from a SNPA bottle into a starter wort.
>After two days of sitting on top of the fridge (my usual starter place), the
>wort was looking at me like it thought I was crazy--no fermentation at all.
>Does this even work, or was I wasting my time with pasteurized beer?

It certainly works for me. I have used SNPA for the past three batches with
great success. I also pour about the last 1/2" of the bottle into a small
starter wort. I make the starter wort somewhat weak as suggested in several
articles in the Zymurgy yeast special issue (about 8 tablespoons of DME in 2
1/2 cups of water). I usually have good activity in about 1 1/2 days.

I also used some SNPA yeast to start a culture on agar in a petri dish. This
was also very successful. I used one of the colonies to start my last batch
which is fermenting nicely as I write. I am quite pleased with the Sierra
Nevada Pale Ale yeast. The beers I have made with it have a very "clean" taste
and have been the best I've made to date.

Dave Resch (in Colorado Springs)

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