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From: hplabs!rutgers!!ssc-vax!coy (Stephen B Coy)
Subject: Uses for spent grains
Date: 1990-01-24 00:30:36 GMT

John DeCarlo writes:
> I know I read somewhere (this Digest, zymurgy, some place) about someone
> making use of the spent grains left over from the brewing process to make
> various food products.

Last summer while visiting the Full Sail Brewery in Hood River with
some friends we found out what they do with their spent grains. The
grains are given to a local farmer who uses them for hog feed. The
hogs eventually end up as sausage in the restaurant next to the
brewery which does all the cooking for the brewpub.

BTW After years of talking with friends and reading this newsletter
I'm finally brewing my first batch! Life is good.

Stephen Coy

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