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From: (John Mellby)
Subject: American Homebrewers Conference/Bluebonnet/Michael Jackson
Date: 1990-01-24 19:14:49 GMT

Just a note to let everyone know that this year's American Homebrew Alliance
is having its annual competition in Dallas this year. On March 29-31 the
Homebrew Alliance Bluebonneet Conference and Competition will be at the
Harvey House Hotel in Plano. Speakers include Fred Eckhardt, George Fix,
Dave Miller. A special speaker is
M I C H A E L J A C K S O N,
who will also be doing a beer tasting. The topic of MJ's speech is still
under discussion. I believe that he will also be doing two separate tastings
at a local pub, The Mucky Duck (details TBD).

The conference costs $80 ($65 for AHA members, or $77 to join AHA and the
conf). One day is $30. Michael Jackson's tasting is $20, or $15 if you
register early. I don't have any more details yet, but you can send
mail if you want more info (or call), or you can talk to Mike Leonard
at (214)234-4411.

P.S. on a sadder note, the local brewery, Reinheitsgebot Brewery, is
basically out of business. They were unable to get more investors, and
did not show enough of a profit (I guess no profit at all), and they are
closed. They even have beer left but cannot afford bottles to bottle the
remaining batch.

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