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From: polstra!jdp@hplabs.HP.COM (John Polstra)
Subject: Re: kegging problem
Date: 1990-01-25 03:30:17 GMT

[ I am reposting this and another message, both of which I sent on 1/19. I
think Rob's bad disk must have caused them to be lost.]

In HBD #340, (Florian Bell) wrote about his
troubles with leaking Cornelius kegs. This is a baffling problem! I
have two Cornelius kegs and have never noticed any problems with
leaking. Let me suggest one thing to try and one thing to check.

Thing to try: Try boiling the lid (O-ring and all) just before you close
up the keg. My local supplier recommends this. He says that it softens
up the O-ring and makes for a better seal. (I can confirm from
experience that it doesn't melt or damage anything, so don't worry about

Thing to check: The lever on the lid which you flip over to seal/unseal
the keg should have a little plastic cap on each of its ends. I.e., the
ends should not be just bare metal. Are these plastic caps missing?
They're an important part of the closing mechanism.

Florian, if you ever get this figured out, please let us all know what
the problem was!

- John Polstra jdp@polstra.UUCP
Polstra & Co., Inc. ...{uunet,sun}!practic!polstra!jdp
Seattle, WA

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