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From: hplabs!harvard!ima!wang7!klm
Subject: Request Help on fixing beer
Date: 1989-01-17 18:30:31 GMT

I brewed a batch of Bock beer two weekends ago. It is currently lagering
at about 40 to 45 degrees F. After primary fermentation was complete, and
I racked it into secondary, I took a sample for a hydrometer reading and
taste testing.

I goofed. I went way overboard with the dark grains. The beer is extremely
dry and has a strong roasted flavor. It actually overpowers the hops
somewhat. I used a total of about 3 oz. of Hallertauer.

What I'm thinking of doing is adding a little bit of unfermentable sugar
to my priming krausen to sweeten the beer slightly and add a touch more
body. Also, boil in some more hops when I cook the wort that I will use
as my krausen. (Yes, I am experimenting with krausening. I will post
results in a few brewings.)

Ok, so how much (or little) Dextrin powder do I want to add to 5 gallons
to keep this beer from being too bitter?

Anybody ever done this before? I'm open to suggestions. I won't be
bottling this for about 3 weeks or so, so send those replies!

Kevin McBride
McBeer Brewery

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