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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts @ Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Subject: Steve McEvoy and Wort Chillers
Date: 1990-01-25 15:45:20 GMT

> Date: Wed, 24 Jan 90 09:55:21 EST
> From: (Charlie Woloszynski)
> As for my personal experience, I recently went through these thoughts,
> and ended up building an immersion wort chiller, circulating cold water
> through the tubing and immersing the wort chiller into the boil near the
> end. This effectively sanitized the wort chiller and, since the
> water goes through the middle, made clean up (the outside only) much
> easier. I made my own for about $25 in plumbing supplies
> (soft copper tubing and some fittings to hook up to the faucet).
> My beer has, honest to god, gotten much better. It is crisper, cleaner,
> and lacks off flavors that have been following me for a while.
> While not all of the improvement was from the wort chiller, (I gave up on
> Red Star yeast and now use Munsion and Fission Ale Yeast) I
> think it really helped.

Remarkably similar to my own experiences. I have also noticed a marked
improvement in my beer since I did two things:

1. Started using a wort chiller (mine cost ~$24 to build). I also
immerse the chiller in the boiling wort ~15 minutes before the end of
the boil to sterilize it.

2. I stopped using Edme ale yeast. Munton & Fisson is also one of my
favorites, but I also like Whitbread dry ale yeast at least as well,
and maybe better, depending on the recipe.

- --Doug

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