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From: "Lance "Doogie" Smith" <>
Subject: Orange Extract
Date: 1990-01-25 16:11:15 GMT

A month back I requested info about the possibility of using Orange Extract
in place of grated orange rind to add orange flavor to a Christmas beer.
No one had any advice so I went ahead.

It seems to have worked out fairly well. The beer has a very distinct orange
aroma (maybe a little too much) but the flavor is not overwhelming. The
orange extract I used was a 1 ounce bottle from Schilling which I found in
the spice section (when I was looking for coriander). There also seem to
be other extracts available for the more adventurous. Read the label though.
I noticed a cherry extract which seemed to have no cherries in it.

One bit of warning. The extract is made up of oil of orange, water and a lot
of alcohol. This stuff is inflammable so keep it away from open flames. I
noticed a sudden amount of foam when I added it to my wort so do be careful
when adding it. Otherwise treat it like you would finishing hops. I added mine
about 5 minutes before the end of the boil. Enough to get it mixed without
boiling off the orange essence which I assume is volatile.

All in all it's fairly easy way to add orange. You don't have to deal with
grated orange rind or the things that might have been on the rind which
didn't wash off.

[Attention Twin City brewers! Another Bosso/Prairie Homebrewers meeting is
coming up on February 10. If you need details e-mail me a message and I'll
fill you in.]

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