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From: bose!chuck@uunet.UU.NET (Chuck Cox)
Subject: Re: yeast storage and SNPA yeast
Date: 1990-01-25 16:26:44 GMT

Florian asks:
> A question regarding Sierra Nevada yeast....

Yes, you can culture yeast from the bottom of SN bottles.
Two caveats:

1) Use at least 3 bottles, This increases the initial number of cells,
and insures that a single bad bottle won't prevent your yeast from growing.
just pour the clear beer into a pitcher,
and enjoy it after feeding the yeast.

2) Use the freshest beer you can find. The cases have the date clearly
indicated. Since I am on good terms with the local liquor stores,
they don't mind if I go crawling through their stock looking for
fresh beer.

- Chuck Cox - All we are saying, is give yeast a chance -

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