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From: (Frederic W. Brehm)
Subject: emperature/time, brew shop, San Diego visit
Date: 1989-01-17 22:59:20 GMT

My brother-in-law (Thanks, Steve) sent me the ingredients for a batch of
beer as a Christmas present. He sent two cans of extract, one of "Best
Bitter" and another malt (sorry, I forgot the brand names), a package of
hops, a package of Edme yeast, and some miscellaneous supplies and books.
I have tracked down all the rest of the supplies and will brew my first
batch this weekend. I still need a bottle capper and there is no listing
for homebrew or wine making in the local telephone books, so my first
question is:

Can anyone recommend a good brew shop somewhere in the Philadelphia/New
York area? There must be one around here somewhere! My dad's wine
shop is in near Harrisburg, but that's a little too far for casual

The location in my basement where I plan to put the beer to ferment varies
between 60 and 62 degrees. This is at the lower end of the temperature
range for an ale (according to TCJoHB). My next question is

At this temperature, is it likely to take closer to three weeks than to
two weeks before it is ready to bottle? I realize that fermentation
times vary, but what is the expected time?

I am counting on three weeks because I will be in San Diego from January 29
through February 6. My mother will be taking care of my kids (what a great
Grandma!) but I don't think she's interested in bottling my beer.

So, since I will be in San Diego for a few days of work, and a few days of
vacation with my wife and without the kids, my next question is (can you

Are there any interesting brewpubs or local brews to try while we are
in San Diego?

Thanks for your patience.

Frederic W. Brehm Siemens Corporate Research Princeton, NJ -or- ...!princeton!siemens!demon!fwb

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