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From: att!ihlpl!
Subject: Priming
Date: 1990-01-26 16:32:57 GMT

In HD #345, there were a few questions about priming. 1) I'm afraid that
I haven't tried different sized bottles, only 12 oz., so I can only
speculate. When kegging, I've read that you should use less priming
sugar than when bottling (Darryl Richman (who's opinion I trust
wholeheartedly) suggested 1/4 cup corn sugar for English-style ales
and 1/2 cup for lagers when kegging) so I imagine that there may be
a slight difference in carbonation when using 16, 17, or 32 oz bottles.
Personally, I would relax, not worry, have a homebrew, and use the
amount I normally use, i.e. 3/4 cup for 5 gallons. 2) Headspace, again
I haven't experimented with, but I've read that increased headspace
produces increased carbonation. 3) Priming with dry malt extract IS
something I've tried. I suggest using 25% more (by weight) dried malt
extract than the corn sugar you would normally use. This is because
corn sugar is 99.99% fermentable solids and dried malt extract is ~75-80%
fermentable solids. On my first attempt, I used 3/4 cup dried malt extract
(it was Laandsomethingorother Pale) and the final product was virtually

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