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From: Brian Capouch <brianc@zeta.saintjoe.EDU>
Subject: Bottling under pressure
Date: 1990-01-26 18:07:24 GMT

The (I think) most recent issue of Zymurgy, which talked about kegging beer,
shows, but doesn't describe very well, a process for bottling beer from a keg
"under pressure."

I have a couple of kegs of beer that I'd like to transfer to bottles. I'm
afraid to just let out all the CO2 and then siphon it in, since I think my
carbonation is going to be harmed irreparably.

How do you pros do it? I haven't become a big fan of kegs yet, because I keep
20-25 different batches of brew around. I like to "taste around", and kegs
just don't seem practical. Is there something about it I'm missing?


Brian Capouch

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