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From: hsfmsh!hsfdjs!suurb@sfsun.West.Sun.COM (Dave Suurballe)
Subject: Used soda tanks
Date: 1990-01-29 18:28:50 GMT

The Cornelius Company has instituted a tank cover exchange program in
an attempt to reduce the number of tank covers without relief valves in
service. Their concern is obviously the safety of tanks without relief
valves. Amateur brewers with used Cornelius tanks with plastic lids
that do not have the relief valve might want to take advantage of this
program and upgrade to a steel lid with a relief valve. This is safer,
cleaner, and more convenient. The program is aimed at beverage system
operators. I don't know if it applies to us as well, and I don't intend
to find out; I'm not going to identify myself as an amateur brewer. I'm
just going to send in my plastic lids. Below is the actual text of their
program description, dated 1/4/90. The program is effective immediately
and will continue until further notice:

"Return each soft drink product tank cover in your possession which was
manufactured by The Cornelius Company and which does not have a built-in
relief device. Cornelius will replace it with a stainless steel relief
valve type cover which meets NSDA voluntary standard No. 1 on a no charge
basis. Simply ship those covers to The Cornelius Company,
One Cornelius Place, Anoka, Minnesota 55303-1592 and they will be
replaced to you."


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