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From: Marty Albini <martya@hpsdl39>
Subject: keg parts and steam beer
Date: 1990-01-30 17:51:47 GMT


IMI Cornelius (Americas) Inc.
One Cornelius Place
Annoka, MN
phone (612) 421-6120
fax (612) 422-3255

They also have a toll-free number, but I can't find it to save
my life right now. The very helpful person I've dealt with there is
Pat Burgoyne. You probably can't get parts directly from them, but
they'll give you a part number so you can order from your local
distributor (they might even tell you who that is!).

One thing to keep in mind: if your used keg is the "old
style" things get sticky. Parts availability is not perfect, and the
person at Cornelius you talk to needs to know which vintage of keg you

To identify your keg, open the lid, and check if the inlet and
outlet fittings screw directly into the top (new style) or use a nut
on the inside (old style). The poppets (the spring plunger doo-dads
inside the fittings) interchange with the newer kegs, however.

If you find you have an old one, to speed things up I can give
you a copy of an exploded-view parts diagram they faxed me. E-mail and
we'll work it out. If worst comes to worst I can score parts from my
local source and mail them!

>Thanks again. Florian.

You're welcome!

Someone also requested Steam Beer recipes; my favorite is
Papazian's "The Sun Has Left Us On Time Steam Beer" in CJOHB. I have
made several batches of this, and it seems to be appreciated even by
Bud Lite drinkers. Extremely good at the end of a long, hot summer
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