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From: (John Greene)
Subject: puzzling brew problem.....suggestions needed
Date: 1990-01-31 17:06:50 GMT

I have been having a problem lately that I would appreciate some suggestions
on what to try to correct it. It's cloudy beer. Before everyone starts
saying to be more careful with sanitizing let me explain what the process is
that I go through.

First of all, I never used to have much of a problem with cloudy beer until
one batch and it hasn't changed since. I thought that my original primary
fermenter was perhaps becoming too scratch from use and wasn't sanitizing well
so I bought a new one. To eliminate the possibility of the siphoning being
the source of the problem, I bought a siphonless fermenter from Williams
Brewing. Still have cloudy beer.

I soak the entire fermenter and all components associated with it (vapor lock,
valve, lid, etc.) for one to two hours before adding the wort. I start soaking
after the wort starts boiling and by the time it cools a couple of hours has

I use gypsum in the water and irish moss during the boil as recommended by

I have used a priming tank to bottle and have also kegged the beer directly
from the fermenter and get the same results. I boil the sugar and bottle
caps if used. I am fairly certain that whatever is going wrong is happening
before bottling.

I have recently gone as far as to sanitize the sink, counter top, and anything
else other than the floor of the kitchen.

I used liquid yeast and have tried using it straight from the package and also
by using a starter. With a starter I get a good head of foam in 6-12 hours,
with just the packet it take ~1.5 days.

The beer doesn't seem to have any sour or 'bad' taste to it. It is just
cloudy. I am sure that using some gelatin would clear things up but I don't
know why it won't clear on its own.

I have a friend that has almost identical equipment and uses an even less
stringent procedure and gets clear beer every time.

Any suggestions?? Or do I just have to start using gelatin all the time and
put up with a less solid sediment in the bottom?

John E. Greene "People are just like frankfurters....You have to decide
if you're going to be a hot dog or just another wiener" DLR
TRW Systems Engineering and Development Division
ARPA: greene@venice.sedd.TRW.COM USENET: ..trwrb!venice!greene

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