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From: (Steven R Koch)
Subject: Mash out
Date: 1990-01-31 20:53:18 GMT

I did my first (partial) mash last night, following the recipe for "Modern
Porter" in Dave Miller's book. I mashed about 3 lbs of 2-row lager malt,
with a protein rest at ~130F for 30 minutes, and the starch conversion rest
at ~150F for an hour. Unfortunately, in all the excitement, I forgot to do
the "mash out" (i.e. raising the temperature at the end of starch
conversion to 168F to stop enzyme activity), and went directly to sparging.
Are there going to be any adverse effects on the final product?

The wort had a higher S.G. than predicted (1.052 instead of 1.044), which
was probably due to less than accurate measurement of the amount of grain
and DME; other than that, all seemed normal.

Steven R. Koch | kochsr@crd.GE.COM
GE Corporate R&D |
Schenectady, NY | (518) 387-5217

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