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From: (Alan Duester)
Subject: MacStack
Date: 1990-01-31 23:51:09 GMT

>If you want me to mail the stack to you, it is possible, but you need
>a copy of both the BinHex and StuffIt programs to decode it. If you
>can't handle that type of file, send me mail and we'll work out other
>- --Mark Stevens

Mark - You don't need both programs. Stuffit (version 1.5.1 anyway) has a
Decode binhexed file option in one of the menus. I used this and it
worked fine. It came to me with added Line Feeds, so if folks are having
problemswith their UnBinHex routines, they might want to try using
McSink or one of the many other utilities or DA's to strip linefeeds,
and try again. Stuffit didn't even notice them. Thanx again!

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