From the HBD Archive
From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: Re: Mash out
Date: 1990-02-01 15:02:28 GMT

The one hazard you risk is a final gravity lower than expected. This
is because beta amylase keeps munching away until it is finally
denatured by heat or the temperature drops low enough. So, if you spend
a long time getting your sparging going, your tun is uninsulated, you
don't reheat your recirculated runoff, etc. etc. you will see more
dryness than you'd like. I wouldn't sweat it, even though I had an
extreme case of this last year (OG 1.050, TG 1.006 - torpedo fuel that
only I could drink). Just make yourself a checklist for next time.

- --Pete Soper

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