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From: (Donald P Perley)
Subject: Re: puzzling problem.. haze
Date: 1990-02-01 15:24:30 GMT

>I have been having a problem lately that I would appreciate some suggestions
>on what to try to correct it. It's cloudy beer. Before everyone starts
>saying to be more careful with sanitizing let me explain what the process is
>that I go through.
>First of all, I never used to have much of a problem with cloudy beer until
>one batch and it hasn't changed since. I thought that my original primary

There are a couple of possibilities.. First I will harp a little more on
sanitation. You may have a problem with your environment rather than the
brewing equipment itself. Some homebrewers go quite a while without an
infection problem, and then some malt loving bug finds their kitchen and
is encouraged to stay by frequent brewing sessions. Make sure the
whole kitchen is cleaned and/or sanitized. counters, sinks,tables, floor,
no dirty dishes, take out the garbage and leave the bin out until after
you're done, used dish rags or sponges out of the kitchen.

From your posting you have probably covered most of this.

If you are using grain, some books say not to grind it in the kitchen,
because the grinding throws a lot of malt dust in the air which will
settle all over the place and keep your bugs happy until next time.

Of course, it may not be an infection at all, so look for a change in
procedure. The first thing that comes to mind is you may be doing full boils
now instead of topping up with cold water in the fermenter. The slower
cooling will make your beer hazier. Did you recently start using grain
adjuncts or mashing? Incomplete conversion or not doing protein rests in
the mash will haze things up.

If you are doing single stage, you might want to try 2 stage. It has a
little more chance of infection, but barring that the beer usually comes
out clearer.

Another possibility: some municiple water supplies vary a lot from one
season to the next as they put in more chemicals to deal with algea blooms,
or the reservoir gets low and they go to another source. Is your friend
on the same system? Try some of his water.

-don perley

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