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From: (Jay Hersh)
Subject: PC homebrew access
Date: 1988-11-14 21:35:47 GMT

One of the individuals attending our Flavor Perception Seminar this past
weekend was asking if there was a way he could access this or other homebrew
e-mail via his PC. (he works for big blue and they won't let him play on
the net). I seem to remember something about a PC accessible network, or
some individual who was going to download this stuff and make it available
to call in from his PC. Can anyone refresh me as to the details of this??

It seems like traffic on the digest has been down recently. Down let wimp
managers get to you! Maybe we should revive a discussion of the AHA??
I guess that the people on this list are fairly active in their respective
local clubs. Our club seems to have a hardcore nucleus of approximately
8 memebers with various assorted "soft" members. We have kept our dues
very low ($2 per year) to induce membership. We are going to revise this
and raise them to $10 when we begin our newsletter. What kind of dues do
other clubs charge?? I have heard that some clubs have their meetings at
restaurants and so meetings can run $8-10 due to food costs! Do most
clubs have regular meeting places?? We float ours since our membership
is distributed across a 50-60 mile radius. Of course one of our problems
is gettig people to host meetings.

On this topic. People in the NorthEast... I would like to hold a meeting
of Northeastern Clubs. Albany is a five hour or less drive from almost
everywhere in the Northeast that has active Clubs (philidelphia, boston,
NJ, NY, Upstate NY). The idea would be to start up a New England - Middle
Atlantic Homebrwers Association (NEMAHA) to serve as a subset of the AHA.
This would allow closer coordination of activities in our region without
having to rely upon the resources of the AHA, which seems to be stretched
rather thin on that point. Feedback Please!!! I'll probably follow up
with a letter of intent to NEMA region clubs but it is faster and more
interactive (can you tell I work with graphics??) to do put out feelers
in this manner first.

- jay h

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