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From: "VAX865::HABERMAND" <habermand%vax865.decnet@afrpl-vax.ARPA>
Subject: Sake and other things
Date: 1989-01-18 21:22:00 GMT

I'd like to thank everyone for answers to my question about a Sake recipe. I
already had the one forwarded by Cher from David Herron since I belong to the
same Medieval Society. (That's where I got my start in brewing.) I thought
it was interesting but since it did not get the fermentable sugars from the
rice, it was not my idea of Sake. I visited the Sake brewery in Berkeley and
got some information on the process. I walked up the street (I couldn't drive
after the Sake tasting) and went to the local brew shop and purchased some
koji. That's as far as I got. Re the coments about saliva turning starch
into sugar, the ancient Japanese made "virgin" sake which came from rice
chewed by virgins and spit into a vat for fermentation. I think that I will
take Rob's suggestion and send away for the book he mentioned.

I have only used brown sugar and corn sugar in my brews so far and haven't
noticed any cidery taste. When I used the corn sugar for priming, I just
added it to the fermentation vessel before bottling. I think that I might
heat it up with some beer next time after reading the discussions in this
digest. The brown sugar was added with the malt in the boil.

I made one batch by mashing my own and was pleasantly surprised. I was able
to get 1.065 starting S.G. without having to add any malt or sugar. I used a
single step mash, keeping the temperature at about 152 deg. F. I put the
stuff in a large plastic ice chest to sparge it. The ice chest has a spout on
the bottom for drainage so It was perfect. The ending S.G. was 1.014
resulting in a slightly alcoholic tasting beer. After 6 months it still
tasted a bit on the alcoholic side. Now, 3 years later, it has lost the
alcoholy flavor and now tastes like I overdid the hops which I think I did.

I like Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada a lot, so I have mostly been using their
bottles for my brew. I also have quite a few Grolsch bottles (from rich
friends) and some English bottles. I have even tried the larger Japanese
bottles. I havn't had any problems capping any of the bottles.

Since I havn't made a brew in a while, I decided to go with DME with dark
crystal grain as an adjuct when I went by the brew shop this weekend. I got
all jazzed about brewing again after joining this group. I think I might even
join the Maltose Falcons.

And now for another question:
Up until now, I have always used the cheap dried yeast for my beer. When I
bought the stuff for my latest brew, I decided to get the more expensive
liquid ale yeast. How do I save this yeast so that I can use it again? How
long will it last, and how many times can I use it?



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