From the HBD Archive
From: Andy Wilcox <>
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #350 (February 02, 1990)
Date: 1990-02-02 20:43:05 GMT (Donald P Perley) writes:

> Some homebrewers go quite a while without an
>infection problem, and then some malt loving bug finds their kitchen and
>is encouraged to stay by frequent brewing sessions.

No kidding. My first 10 batches: nothing. Since then, in about
90% (!) of the batches, I've gotten this film on the top of the
secondaries and in the bottles. If I swirl it up, it kinda clumps,
and floats. Pretty Gross, really.

I've noticed no contribution to flavor by this beast. But wow! Did
it scare me the first time!

Any idea what it is? How to get rid of it?


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