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From: a.e.mossberg <>
Subject: "Why do you homebrew?" Survey Results
Date: 1990-02-05 02:23:21 GMT

Why do you make beer?

A total of 41 respondents. There were a limited number of themes in the
responses, which I identified scored with the keywords "alcohol control,"
"hobby," "price," "quality," "sca," and "variety." These translate as

alcohol control - control over the amount of alcohol in the beer, either
to make stonger or weaker beers

hobby - Doing it as a hobby, possibly in relation to ones "secret dream" or
day job. (A number of respondents identified themselves as chemists,
or "frustrated chemists," and found homebrewing to be fulfillingly

price - price was a factor, frequently in terms of not being able to afford
beer otherwise, or being able to drink a better beer than what was

quality - to brew the better beer

SCA - because of membership in SCA or similar group

variety - the ability to brew a wider range of beers than commericially

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Results of Homebrew Survey

Keywords Sole choice First Second Third Fourth

alcohol control 1 1 1
hobby 5 12 5 6 1
price 3 4 1 1
quality 3 12 17 3
SCA 1 1 3
variety 4 5 2

Multiple answers: 32
Total respondents: 41

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------

If anyone wants to see the comments made, I will send you the entire file
of responses (if no objects to having their responses available). It's about
a thousand lines. I make no claims to this being a scientific survey, and
clearly some people limited their responses to my suggested reasons why
people might homebrew. Thanks to everyone who responded. You also functioned
to acid-test a perl script for digesting mailing list articles.


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