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From: Mike Fertsch <>
Subject: Molasses Priming
Date: 1990-02-05 13:57:00 GMT

Martin A. Lodahl asked about Treacle Priming:

> Has anyone out there tried priming with molasses? How did it turn out?
> How much did you use? What type? I assume it would add a rum-note to the
> flavor, along with finish notes differing from the initial taste, and
> perhaps a slight tang. Am I way off base? I'm considering experimenting
> with it in my next batch of porter.

I've toyed with the thought of molasses priming for my Old Peculiar (old
ale) look-alike I made last fall. [It is a look-alike, but not a
taste-alike, but that is a different story :-( ] In brief, I decided NOT
to prime with molasses ---

Beers can be primed with anything fermentable - it is the amount of
fermentables which control carbonation. Different brands of molasses have
quite a wide variation in sugar content; most of which is probably not
fermentable. Rather than run a lot of priming experiments to determine the
proper amount, I got lazy and primed with corn sugar. I added the molasses
to the boil; any flavor the molasses give will carry through into the
finished product. By putting the molasses in the boil and priming with
sugar, you can control both the molasses character and the carbonation.

My old peculiar has lots brown sugar and licorice in addition to the
molasses. I recall using around a cup of molasses in the boil (3 gallon
batch). The beer is carmelly, and a bit phenolic. I don't care fot it,
and am blaming most of the unpleasant taste on the brown sugar and
excessive licroice. I've vowed NEVER to use brown sugar again, but don't
know on the molasses. Let us know how your molasses porter turns out!

Mike Fertsch

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