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From: "Allen J. Hainer" <>
Subject: Re: Boilig Hops Separately
Date: 1990-02-05 16:50:38 GMT

I just started a batch using this technique. I did so because I have found
that long boils tend to darken (carmalize?) my extracts. I boil my hops
and then add the extract at the end. When it comes to a boil again, I am
done. This also has the added benifit of not smelling up the house quite
as much (not that I mind, but some of the other people in the house do).

I hadn't thought of hop utilization, but this makes sense and agrees with
my results. At racking, this beer was much more bitter then I expected from
the amount of hops that I used (not that I mind that either). This isn't
conclusive as I am not sure how hoppy the extract was.

I also tried separate boils this summer when I racked a batch and found it
not to be bitter enough. I boiled some (pelletized) hops and dumped them
in. The beer tasted great, but never cleared after adding the hops. It was
clear when I added them. I am not sure why this happened.

-al (

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