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Subject: My 'rating' ?
Date: 1990-01-30 14:26:00 GMT

Batch number 5 is now in bottles, and batch number 6 (which I've called "it's
in there") is in the secondary, fermenting away. All of my brews (with the
exception of the first one, which was KOd by chlorine contamination (faulty
bottle cleansing)) have been pretty good, if a bit slow to age really well
(perhaps because of such ingredients as honey).

The last batch contains 3.3 lbs of dark hopped malt extract syrup, 1 lb of
chocolate malt, 1/2 lb of dark patent malt, 1/2 lb of crystal malt, 2 lbs of
corn sugar, 2 lbs of "government issue" honey, a couple of tablespoons worth
of spruce extract (enough for 4-5 gallons), 1/4 tsp of Irish moss, and
filtered water. I decided to get rid of some inferior ingredients, since I've
decided to not use corn syrup for bottling purposes, so I decided "what the
heck". I hope it finishes fermenting by Saturday evening, when I've made
plans to borrow.

- Ted
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