From the HBD Archive
Subject: green beer?!?!? ;-)
Date: 1990-02-08 16:43:00 GMT

I have been rolling this around in my mind, and just haven't been able to
figure it out!!!

Where does the green come from? I don't mean for specialty beers. Everyone,
including myself, talks about our "green" beer. How come it isn't green when
it's finished aging? It isn't green when I boil it, or put it in the

I have heard of "green" being used for other things,, such as wood, that
needs time to age or dry before it's ready to use.

Does anyone out there know how the term "green" came to be used in this

Maybe I've watched Gallager once too many times, but I just have to wonder
how terms like "green" came about. Haven't you ever wondered about stuff like
that? Just like, "Why does 7-11 have locks on thier doors when they're open
24 hours a day?".


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