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From: hplabs!harvard!ima!wang7!klm
Subject: Psychoactive beer?
Date: 1989-01-19 05:14:12 GMT

Hey Mike! Where can I get some of this stuff? 1/2 :-)

Seriously though, it's more likely that a mold is causing that effect
rather than a bacterium. After all, I seem to recall that LSD is
refined from ergot mold, which grows naturally on certain grains.

ergot mold in pure form, though, is more likely to make you ill before
it gets you off. Kinda like near beer.

Good luck and let me know if fdkjhfdhdfiuydr98734r987erkjhfkjhv34ryug
Oops, sorry, started hallucinating there.... :-)

Kevin McBride
McBeer Brewery

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