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From: caeco! (Jeff Jennings)
Subject: Re: Sanitizing in the dishwasher?
Date: 1990-02-13 16:56:42 GMT

>Greetings. I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried sanitizing in.. their
>dishwasher!? I've contemplated running it empty a round or two on rinse to
>clean it out, then running my equipment through using sanitizing agent instead
>of dishwasher detergent. Does this seem sound? I can hardly fit my fermenters
>in my sink, and the dishwasher would run a lot hotter than I can clean by hand.
>Comments? Thanks in advance..

I do this all the time. When I start brewing a batch, I put everything that
will fit (wort chiller, funnels, measuring cups, hoses, fermentation locks)
in the dishwasher. The carboy doesn't fit so I sanitize that with bleach
solution separately. Remember to let the dishwasher run through a complete
dry cycle. When I used to bottle my beer I would run all the bottles through
the dishwasher and fill them as I removed them. I always run the items to
be sanitized through without adding anything to the dishwasher although adding
a sanitizing agent would probably be fine. If you use the dishwasher be sure
that it doesn't have any rinse agents such as "Jet Dry" in it.

Note: my dishwasher preheats all its water to temperatures much higher than
the water heater. I'm not sure how well dishwashers which do not preheat
their water would do at sanitizing.
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