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From: (Mike Zentner)
Subject: Dishwasher for Sanitation...
Date: 1990-02-13 14:58:50 GMT

I would not treat this as an ideal sanitizing method for two reasons.
First, someone wrote in a while ago that when they put flour in the
bottles to see if they were rinsed enough on the inside, the flour
was still in the bottle after a cycle. You could probably use the
"sanitize" setting on your dishwasher for heat-sanitizing your
bottles after rinsing out by hand any leftover crud (provided your
dishwasher gets hot enough to kill bugs).

Another consideration is to make sure all the labels are off of the
bottles before you run the dishwasher. I tried this once only to
discover smelly black smoke coming out of the vents on the dry
cycle. In the bottom of the washer by the heating coils, there
was a pile of smoldering labels. Maybe that's just because I buy
cheap beer for bottles (Falls City), and the labels come off of these
bottles very easy in comparison to more mainstream brands.

Mike Zentner

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