From the HBD Archive
From: (John Mellby)
Subject: Finding good pubs/stores
Date: 1990-02-14 14:12:54 GMT

A recent poster said good things about reviews of pubs, microbreweries,
and such, and noted that it was difficult to find a good pub when
visiting a strange city. Since I occasionally travel on business
(for Texas Instruments), I end up in a strange city and have the
same problem. Besides the pub list I have been making for several
years (incorporated into the previously posted list), and the numerous
magazines on beers, there is one other very good option.

While most people you ask, at hotels and such, won't be able to tell you
where to buy beers to take home or pubs to drink at, look in the
phone book and call any local homebrew shop! They will probably
know what the best local bars are and can help you.

John Mellby
Texas Instruments

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