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From: hplms2!gatech!mailrus!uunet!tc.fluke.COM!inc (Gary Benson)
Subject: Re: Sanitizing in Dishwasher
Date: 1990-02-13 16:22:17 GMT

In HBDigest 356, Jeff Close asks about sanitizing in the dishwasher.

I do this regularly -- mostly for bottles, but other things too. Here's
my protocol: as I finish a homebrew, I thoroughly rinse the bottle to get
all traces of sediment out, then store them until next use. Just before
I bottle I put two cases of empties plus a few spares into the bottom,
inverted, one bottle per little wire thing. In ours, if you tilt one bottle
toward the back and one toward the front, you can use nearly all the little
wired doo-dads. I run the dishwasher with regular dishwasher detergent
powder, and when it fills and begins running, throw in about 1/2 cup of
bleach and let the thing run through the whole cycle. I do not use the
heated drying cycle, but open the door after the last rinse. The bottles
are very hot at this point. I leave them inverted until just prior to
filling. I am a relative newcomer to homebrewing, and so I say this
with fingers crossed -- I have never had an infection. I have done about
2 dozen 5 gallon batches using this technique every time.

I have never tried to fit my fermenter or carboy in there, but if yours
fit, go for it. Especially if you use plastic vessels you want to find a
way to clean them with absolutely no abrasion which can scratch the plastic
and give the bad brew bugs hiding places to breed and plot the overthrow
of your Yeast Monoculture Republic. I also don't think a dishwasher would
be much good for hoses or piping, but the miscellaneous spoons, sieves,
and so on just naturally go there.

I've been reading this digest quite a while now, and have gotten many
helpful hints and learned a lot from it -- thanks to all for keeping this
the quality information source it is.

Gary Benson -=[S M I L E R]=-

What is algebra exactly? Is it those three-cornered things? -J.M. Barrie

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