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From: (John DeCarlo)
Subject: Sanitizing in dishwasher
Date: 1990-02-14 18:18:24 GMT

>From: Jeff Close <>
>Subject: Sanitizing in the dishwasher?
>Greetings. I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried sanitizing in.. their
>dishwasher!? I've contemplated running it empty a round or two on rinse to
>clean it out, then running my equipment through using sanitizing agent instead
>of dishwasher detergent. Does this seem sound? I can hardly fit my fermenter
>in my sink, and the dishwasher would run a lot hotter than I can clean by hand
>Comments? Thanks in advance..

I haven't tried it with a fermenter (they are all too big to fit in my
dishwasher). So I just fill the fermenter with bleach solution and toss
everything else in there, too.

But when it comes to bottling, I can fit two cases of bottles in at once
(top and bottom racks). Contrary to other people's experience, I tried
the "flour test" once (putting flour in about eight of the bottles in
different positions on the top and bottom racks) and found them all
nicely cleaned.

All the bottles go in upside down (hanging through the holes in the top rack).
Then the dishwasher goes through a rinse and "heated dry" cycle. It is the
"heated dry" that sanitizes, due to the steam created (yes, *steam).

John "This is just for sanitizing, really, not for heavy cleaning" DeCarlo

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