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Subject: Boiling with the lid on
Date: 1990-02-14 18:48:28 GMT

Does anybody boil their wort with the lid on the kettle?

You may be aware that a _lot_ of your wort goes up in steam during a 60
minute boil. Boiling with the lid on would use a lot less energy.
Using a lower burner temperature might also help prevent scorching.

I see only two drawbacks to this:

1. Less of that wonderful smell. Then again, my wife doesn't
think it's all that great, so no terrible loss there.

2. You would have to pull the lid off every few minutes to stir
it. You would also have to keep a close eye on things to
avoid a boil over.

Anybody know if there would be any adverse effects? How about the hot
break or hop utilization? Would I get some of that wonderful aroma
condensed back into the wort, or would I just be mucking things up? How
do the breweries do it? (I may get to tour one next month, but not yet.

Thanks in advance,

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