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From: hpfcla!hpcea!hplabs!utah-cs!iwtsf!korz (Algis R Korzonas +1 312 979 8583)
Subject: Blow-off method
Date: 1989-01-19 16:02:03 GMT

I've been using the blow-off method in the primary fermenter
(where the fermenter is filled within an inch of the top
of the carboy and a tube is used to eject the krauesen from
the fermenter - be sure to submerge the tube into a half-filled-
with-water gallon jug to act as an airlock) for a year now
and have had only one explosion. The problem was that the
blow-off tube had gotten clogged. I remedied the problem by
switching to a 1/2" tube instead of a 3/8" tube and by cleaning
the blowoff tube more thoroughly after use. Someone on the
homebrew digest list had suggested cleaning it with a wad of
cloth and a wire (like cleaning a rifle) and it works very well.
Since I've made the changes, I have had no problems with clogging.

I feel that using the blow-off method makes for a much "cleaner"
tasting beer. If you smell the gunk that collects in the
blow-off container you definately will realize that you don't
want to drink that stuff. I have noticed that the exact same
smell that is in the blow-off container is "missing" in the
finished product - which I welcome. The krauesen contains fusel oils
that allegedly contribute to hangovers. I can honestly say
I've never had a hangover from my own beer - but then again,
my beer is so rich that I can't drink more than four or five
at a sitting ;-)


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