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From: Jason Goldman <!hplsdar!jdg@hp-lsd>
Subject: extract based wheat beer
Date: 1990-02-15 14:52:35 GMT

Mike Zentner asks about extract-based wheat beers. I recently made a wheat
beer that was very good (it well nigh evaporated ;-). I used the wheat
extract from Williams (14310 Wicks Blvd/PO Box 2195/San Leandro CA 94577/
415-895-2739) and I have not used the Ireks. Here's my recipe:

Wiezen? Why not?
6# Williams Wheat extract
1# crystal malt
1/2# toasted barley
1# honey
2oz Cascade hops (bittering)
1/2oz Cascade hops (finishing)
1pkg Wyeast Wheat yeast
SG = 1.050
FG = 1.012

I always make a 2 quart starter culture before brew time. I steeped
the crystal and toasted barley in 4 gallons of water for about 40 minutes,
then removed the grains (I used grain bags to make this easier). I
added the extract, the honey, and the bittering hops and boiled the wert
for an hour. After removing the pot from the heat, I added the finishing
hops and let it sit for a couple of minutes. I used an immersion chiller
to bring the temperature to a pitchable temperature. After 3 days in a
plastic primary, I racked to a glass carboy. Eight days later, I bottled.

This beer was a bit cloudy, I forgot to use Irish moss. But heck, put it in
a dark glass if that bothers you ;-). I'm not really sure what the honey
added to this beer (more experimentation is in order). However, it turned
out so well that I won't omit it in the future.

Jason Goldman

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