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From: Chris Shenton <>
Subject: Boiling with the lid on
Date: 1990-02-15 15:03:16 GMT writes:
> Does anybody boil their wort with the lid on the kettle?

Yes, my gas stove can't bring 6 gallons of wort to a boil in a finite time
unless I leave the cover on. I watch it carefully as it gets close; I
occasionally have boil-overs if I'm not paying attention.

> Anybody know if there would be any adverse effects? How about the hot
> break or hop utilization?

I understand that the wort must be boiled uncovered to boil off some of the
junk you don't want (chlorine and other things...). I leave my lid
partially open -- about a 1 - 2 inch gap so my wimpy stove can keep it

Anyone know how to fiddle the regulator in a stove to allow more gas? or
test the pressure coming out of the supply pipes?
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