From the HBD Archive
From: pms@Corp.Sun.COM (Patrick Stirling)
Subject: Re: Boiling with the lid on
Date: 1990-02-15 16:30:51 GMT

I always do this, mainly for the heat (ie energy) savings. It boils faster
and you can turn the heat way down and still maintain the famous rolling
boil. The only problem I've had is the occasional boil-over. While messy
this has not affected the beer. Actually, for my very fist brew, I did
leave the lid off, and my wort boiled away to the point of becoming a
thick sludge. The result was a rather thin beer! But still quite drinkable.
I can't think of a reason not to boil with the lid on.

On another topic, does anyone know if Lines's book on how to duplicate
British beers is available over here? And if so, how to get it?


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