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From: hplabs!hplms2!gatech!raven!rcd (Dick Dunn)
Subject: re: Stainless Steel pressure cooker...
Date: 1990-02-16 16:39:24 GMT (Spencer W. Thomas) wrote:
> I got a "pressure canner" from Sears many years ago. It's got about a
> 20 quart capacity (it's at home, so I can't be sure), and is stainless
> steel. (Got to be if you're doing acidic stuff like tomatoes.) Cost
> about $80 at the time.

I'd double-check that one. First, $80 is pretty cheap for a stainless
pressure canner. Second, it's quite unusual (tho not unheard of) to use
stainless for a canner. It isn't really necessary, because a "canner" is
just the pot you use to heat jars full of stuff in home canning. The food
is already in glass containers when you put it in the canner; the acid
doesn't matter. (Tomatoes are normally canned in an "open" [unpressurized]
canner anyway, since they're acidic, but that's irrelevant here.) The
weight of a pressure vessel could fool you into thinking it's steel--an
aluminum pressure cooker is heavy because it's got very thick walls
compared to other pots.

So, while I'm not saying you're wrong, I'd check it carefully. A magnet
will give you a half test: If the magnet sticks to the pot, you know it's
steel rather than aluminum. (If it doesn't stick, you don't know for sure
since good stainless is also non-magnetic.)
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