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From: Chris Shenton <>
Subject: Homebrew suppliers: part 4 of 4 -- Other Suppliers
Date: 1990-02-16 20:12:06 GMT


Hauge Enterprises: P.O. Box 17170; Portland, OR 97217. Brewing equipment
and gadgets. Gas burner, wort chiller, stainless brewpot (5 gal), copper
siphon tube, sparge water sprayer.

Brew Co: P.O. Box 1063; Boon, NC 28607. Brewing gadgets. Bru Heat, BrewCap,
improved sparge bag, brew chiller (modified counterflow).

Braukunst: 55 Lakeview Drive; Carlton, MN 55718. Kegging and tapping using
systems using soda kegs. Complete system: $250; includes 5 gallon Cornelius
keg, 5# CO2 tank, two-gauge regulator, fridge-mounted faucet, drip pan,
hoses and connectors.

Foxx: 421 Southwest Blvd; Kansas City, MO; 800-821-2254. Kegging system:
$152; includes 5 gallon Cornelius keg, 1 gauge regulator, CO2 tank, hoses,
connectors, picnic tap. Two gauge regulator: add $6. All they sell is beer
and soda kegging stuff, and they know what they sell. Extensive catalog.

Rapids Inc: 1011 2nd Ave SW; P.O. Box 396; Cedar Rapids, IA 52406;
800-553-7906. Restaurant wholesale equipment. Most interesting: 10 gal 20
gauge stainless pot: $80; matching lid: $20. The pot is quality, and it's
a good company with which to do business.

Stew's Brew: R.R. 4; Box 243; River Falls, WI 54022; 715-425-2525. Sells
only malt (``various strains blended to brewmaster specs''). His prices are
very good, and one user (John Freeman, aka said it was
of high quality. Stew has an informative (lots of low-cost technique and
speed-up tips) and somewhat odd `catalog'. Prices are 32# @ $0.55/Lb;
discounts are 5% on 2-3 68 Lb parcels, 10% on 4+ 68 Lb parcels. Postage

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