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From: Chris Shenton <>
Subject: help & recipe for a novice
Date: 1990-02-16 19:45:46 GMT

Max Newman x6689 writes:
> I am nearly ready to bottle my very first batch of homebrew. I used
> a brew kit Geordi Yorkshire Bitter, has anyone used this before, if
> so do you have any comments?

My first batch was a Geordie Scotch Ale, or something like that. It turned
out to have little carbonation, and no head. Also, a mild off-taste that
faded if the beer was cold. I blame myself, not the kit; I figure I didn't
clean things well enough, and didn't rinse the bleach from the bottles
sufficiently. Recommendation: get a Ken's Jet bottle rinser and a
Vin-something sterilizer. $25 for both, and a real time/labor saver. (this
has not been a paid advertisement).

> For my second batch I'd like to try an unhopped extract brew with
> possibly some finishing grain (crystal or whatever). Does anyone
> have a recipe for a good dark ale or a good light ale (ala henry wineheards
> sp? ale). Any and all recipes for any type of beer would be greatly
> appreciated.

My second and all subsequent batches were done like this with good to
outstanding results. Never had the Henry stuff so I don't know. Get a hold
of Papazians book for a good source of recipies. Also, if I can figure how
to get the digest feature working for my mail reader, I'll send you the
ones I've been collecting from HBD -- some extract, some grain. Should give
you a start, anyway.

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