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From: Dr. T. Andrews <ki4pv!tanner@uunet.UU.NET>
Subject: Cleaning Beer Bottles in the Dishwasher
Date: 1990-02-17 02:01:40 GMT

Let me say that the suggestion offered by (use the dish
washer to clean out the bottles) is probably the best labor-saving
brewing hint that I've seen on the net to date.

Being a bachelor, I don't generate a lot of dirty dishes. There are
generally just a few things after each meal: whatever I used to cook
(no prepared foods bought here, sorry Nat'l Frozen Food Council) and
of course the plate and serving dishes. I clean them daily, in the
sink; the dishwasher had languished unused since I bought the house.

Almost immediately upon reading the suggestion, I loaded some empties
into the dishwasher. Funny, isn't it, how there always seems to be a
good supply of bottles awaiting cleaning. Well, I filled that
dishwasher (holds perhaps two cases) before long, ran it, and
resolved to never hand-wash another bottle.

I urge other readers to do the same. It's easier to wash the dishes
by hand and dedicate the dishwasher to beer bottles, if that is your
choice. I recently removed the upper rack so that champagne bottles
would fit.
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