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From: Mark.Leone@F.GP.CS.CMU.EDU
Subject: Refrigerator questions.
Date: 1990-02-19 14:44:49 GMT

Now that I finally bought a spare refrigerator for brewing (only $35,
but getting it up the stairs was hell!), I've got a few questions:

- What temperature should you use to proof/rehydrate a lager yeast?

- I know it's best to pitch a lager yeast at an initially higher
temperature (60-70 degrees). Should I put the fermenter in the
refrigerator right after pitching, or wait for signs of an active

- After bottling, how long should lagers be kept cold? Ideally I would
like to keep all of my lagers in the refrigerator, but I think I'll
quickly run out of space.

- My local homebrew shop keeps their leaf hops in a freezer. Is
this any better or worse than just refrigerating them? What about
freezing pelletized hops?

- Does it help to refrigerate or freeze grains? Malt extract?

Also, a belated comment on the recent chill haze discussion: If you're
having trouble with chill haze, try using leaf hops *without* one of
those mesh bags. It's not as neat, but when you sparge into the
fermenter the spent hops supposedly help filter coagulated proteins
out of the wort (according to Papazian). I doubt that this makes
nearly as much difference as a good cold break, though.

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Mark R. Leone <> "Don't just do something,
Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University sit there!"
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