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From: hplabs!!ihlpl!korz (Algis R Korzonas +1 708 979 8165)
Subject: sparging
Date: 1990-02-20 17:14:03 GMT

> In HBD #361, Mark R. Leone writes:
> If you're having trouble with chill haze, try using leaf hops *without*
> one of those mesh bags. It's not as neat, but when you sparge into the
> fermenter the spent hops supposedly help filter coagulated proteins
> out of the wort (according to Papazian).

I purchased a *very* large funnel (it holds at least a gallon) with
a removable screen from The Lil' Olde Winemaking Shoppe. I toss my
hop bags and grain bags in there and pour the wort through the whole
mess. At first it runs quite fast but slows down to a trickle after
a short while. Then I run my cold liquor through the mess too. I know
a hot sparge would probably get more fermentables out of the grains,
but I don't currently have a wort chiller and since I'm currently just
doing extract, the grains are usually a small part of the fermentables.
The important thing is this: "When sparging, BE PATIENT."


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