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From: (Alan Duester)
Subject: Brewpubs
Date: 1990-02-21 03:00:50 GMT

Regarding the recent posting of brewpubs:
>Massachusetts -- Boston/Cambridge:
> Wursthaus - at Harvard Square

There's also a Wursthaus at the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis, MA (routes 28
and 132). They have the 200 or so bottled beers in stock like the one in
Harvard square (some of which I've never seen elsewhere - and where else
can you order a bottle of Framboise or barley wine with dinner?). I've
heard that there is also another one (or more) at other locations. They
are not a brewpub, but rather a german-ish restaurant, and I don't think
they have any microbrews at all.

Also, r.e. Minneapolis. Tap's Waterfront Brewpub is the brewpub I was
thinking of when I posted a request on Jax a few weeks ago (which is the
name of an old brewery in New Orleans that I think has been turned into
a mall). I have no specific memories, but remember their brews as being
pleasant. The ONION RINGS, however, were the best I've had on the
planet, bar none! (It's important to balance your alcohol consumption
with starch & grease... :>) ). Food prices were fairly reasonable, too.
I haven't been in the brewpub proper (downstairs), but the restaurant
was the all-too-frequent yuppie fern bar style, done "tastefully".

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