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Subject: Re: Calories in Beer
Date: 1990-02-22 17:00:00 GMT

I recently purchased Fred Eckhardt's book "The Essentials of Beer Style - A
Catalog of Classic Beer Styles for Brewers & Beer Enthusiasts". I haven't
read the entire volume yet, but it seems to be an excellent reference for
defining the different styles of beer and their characteristics with
commercial exaamples. He gives the starting and ending gravities, alcohol
content, hop level, and color for hundreds of beers. There are also sections
on beer tasting and beer brewing.

In the section on low calorie beers, he states that a quick calorie count may
be made of any beer by multiplying the original extract degrees Plato by 13.5.
Remember that 4 gravity points is approximatly equal to 1 degree Plato (i.e.
1.044 OG = 11 deg. Plato. Fred also goes into detail how to compute original
and final gravities based on the calorie count, and amounts of carbohydrates
aaaand protein. (Evidently low calorie beers put this stuff on the label.)

Going by the book's numbers for OG, Bass Ale has 159 calories, Guinness Extra
Stout, 178 calories, and Thomas Hardy's Ale, (I wish I had some) 404 calories.
These are all based on 12 oz. servings.


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