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From: "Allen J. Hainer" <>
Subject: Hopped Extracts
Date: 1990-02-22 17:02:03 GMT

Why can't producers of hopped extracts indicate on their labels the
level of bitterness? Something as simple as "12 AAUs Bittering Hops"
would not give away the receipe. Something like "12 AAUs Bullion Hops"
would be even better.

The unhopped extracts available to me are extremely limited and
expensive, so I am forced to use these hopped extracts. My only
information about them is through word of mouth and experimentation.

My current batch is my first disaster due to this poor labeling. I
used Cooper's Australian "Real Ale" because I had heard that it was
lightly hopped. I used two cans of it because I don't like to use
corn sugar or the unhopped extracts available to me (DMX was sold out).
Because I like a bitter beer, this is usually not a problem. This
time I wasn't quite as lucky.

Along with the 8 AAUs Cascade I added, this beer is almost undrinkable.
I have never tasted anything so bitter (and believe me, I have had my
fun with Bullion!).

I have since heard that there have been complaints about the level
of bitterness in this extract. I am not saying this is a bad thing, I like
a bitter beer, but how does one tell one from the other at purchase time?

Does anyone know what can be done about this? I'm fed up with trial
and error.

-al (

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